In-Between Values

It is, I believe, under certain conditions, possible to insinuate (and thus sort of express) a number of interest categories, by expression of two other expected expected numbers of them. One such condition is, I believe, that the insinuated number of categories is exactly half way between the two (already) expressed ones. Another is, I think, that the number of categories to be insinuated  -  like those two to be used for that insinuation  -  involves an absolute notion of the number of categories that differs between it and either of them. With these criteria met, I believe, one can yield something of a structure with the in-between number of categories from two other expected-categorization structures. It can be done, I believe, by finding in each of them a composite category of the exact size of the difference between it and the expectation structure with the in-between number of categories. That is if one of the numbers is eight, and the other is twelve, then the in-between number of categories, ten, can be found by adding and subtracting, respectively, a category that is made of two none-composite ones.

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