Monday, 18 July 2016

Is Everything about Math?

Scientists often tend to claim that mathematics is behind all  -  or at least, I think, they are often expected to. (Right?!) ... Anyway, I have had a friend, who was an artist, who claimed that spirituality and math were incompatible, that math was worldly, but not at all spiritual. I doubted his statements very much. But instead of arguing very much with him, I began pondering and contemplating upon the issue. Nowadays I feel very sure there is math, not only in the nature of worldly stuff, but also in the nature of spirits, notions and experience. I found, within myself, that belief in a number of units of something very well (as it seemed to me) could be described as a notion of how much it is appreciated that this something can be found to be realistic to the extent it needs to be. In later contemplation I formulated that a was like very much of God  -  or perhaps one could say the binding element between (perhaps all) godly or spiritual entities. I thereby sometimes call this binding element Oneness  -  not really quite to be confused with Christian or so notions of it. I am not certain that there is only one God, and I do not believe in Christ as a savior. ...

Even so, the Oneness that I believe in is basically very much that notion of that one is all and all is one  -  and thereby yields care for all and everything as if one. ... Two represents a breach against this, a spite  -  putting it mildly  -  against that notion. Three represents a breach against that type of a breach, which resurrects such care for all, basically. This I have written some more about here. To the extent you need me to define what math itself is to be defined as in my counting-number framework, this can be the link to that.

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