Saturday, 20 June 2015

Well, Mightn't One Ask What It's All about?

It is not completely easy, is it, to say that there isn't any rule to everything!

But it is rather simple to say that there's a possibility for absolute clarity on what there is to absolute knowledge based on both intuition and logic. Because although logic can (as stated in the song of the video below) be inflexible per se, it is also what adds stability to things. That is my opinion, but there are not many who could believe, probably, that there's not truth in that logic as inflexible to be but stability-inclined. But there is to be found on the other side of things, though, (isn't there?!) the alternative view on it that says that logic is too fragile to be stable. So if you really believe that, do stop reading, because I'm not giving up on that point.

But can we find the coveted "synchronicity" to join all?

I say unbroken synchronicity can exist, and that unbroken synchronicity is what there is and can be in there being no total guile against the rules that guide, nor in the rules that say one shall try one's best to establish relations with all and everything. Thereby, I believe, one cannot fail in contacting entities that don't necessarily pertain to one's own heritage.

I feel that it is not true that math cannot join all there is to the extent that it needs to for there being an absolute rule to it all. It is true however that math, like other logical systems, tends to be totally inflexible if there's not anything else to it all. This I believe is solved in that logic tends to be anchored in belief and/or spirit. It is also true, however, that more is needed than just math, which mostly can be used to help describe reality  -  which hardly can be enough to actually adapt to it  -  I think.

As far as I can tell, there's nothing that says that mathematics cannot be adapted to suit rules that say flexibility is very important  -  so that one thus can pertain to more flexible definitions than that one has to stick to it only for using it! Indeed, I have found mathematical connections that say that there's flexibility of inertia in everything that involves rather sophisticated relations between the numbers. It is rather sophisticated, though, to add to oneself the tolerance of the devil. But it is still too arrogant for there to be an acquaintance to be had with everything else except for if one is tolerant also to the extent that there's no absolute need for that devil in what one is about. Thereby there is no rule to propose that the devil rules, or so, without the inertia that seems to fit into every context where God is not involved.

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