Monday, 1 September 2014

Simplest Is First, Usually, in Nature

Complexity usually takes time. Thereby a simple happening is more easily the first influence on other happenings in nature. Thus, the order from the simplest to the more and more complex can be viewed as rather natural order of priority. The same thing surely holds true about things that fall into the same natural category (natural here meaning that they are naturally comparable, even without manipulation) at least about their complexity.

I feel that the video to the right reveals a somewhat different perspective from the one I started out with when I began contemplating on my mathematics.In one sense sense, it shows, I think, that the importance of one is not only about oneness, but rather how the ideas that exist in one individual is important in a context of a potential power surge or so. Such things I have discussed a little here. The notion of an individual being is the start of something that spreads is the notion, mostly of fiveness, so to speak (five basically being the notion of a spiritual self). The notion of power of one individual over another, who might be the one who has such ideas that might spread and thus become important, eventually can be found for instance in seventeen, as described if you follow the link above. In the song, however, I think, is portrayed also something of a notion of that libido, or os, takes over now and then, from the notion of oneness, or spirit  -  or so.

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