Saturday, 8 February 2014

Diversity Is Semi-Guaranteed by Need for Sexual Reproduction

We have, as everyone knows, two genders, i.e. two systems for building up sexual solutions to problems that would hinder reproduction of our kind. It is sort of guaranteed that reproduction cannot happen by intercourse between two females  -  and not even not by two males; that is, it is not as things are today, possible to reproduce sexually without two genders involved. See also here about that. ... This i say although it is not as far as I can see it impossible at all that science will eventually create female sperm or so. Because  -  probably, I think  -  it is far from the only way to view things to have it that they then can reproduce in a way that guarantees (or perhaps we should say semi-guarantees, if you followed that link above) what the diversity of the two genders does.

I believe that the difference between the two genders is in their two ways of creating possibility/-ies of insights into why possessive and destructive powers, which are 256-based, can possess one for an eternity forward  -  or could, actually, had it not been for among other things our possibility of being sexual against it. This is due to that sexuality uses the spirit of 256-category processes in order to possess and infiltrate the power of possession itself. The female way of doing this is rather sophisticated compared to the male way, which is rather straight-forward. I.e. the 259 arrogance about the equality-based power over eternity being set to oppose the 256 is clearly linked to the 203, which is primarily to be found in the Y-chromosome. That is 259 is the 203rd combined categorization. But, there is in the Y-chromosome also a catch, which is very anti-hypnotic, and which thereby stops both the 29 in the 203 itself and simultaneously also the hypnotism of the first learning-step competence, (i.e. 1613 categories). When there is 203 without that hypnotism-stopping adequacy, that's when religious people really aught to (and they usually do) start talking bout "the devil". Because the attitude caused by that fairly simple combination in itself is very seductive and extremely much into that any loyalty should be really only towards oneself. ... It can exist both in male and female malfunction sex-chromosomes, but also in other places in our universe. It is not to be reckoned with as a smaller danger than trying to be seductive in the first place, but without attempting to scare the seduced person, because that is what they all say is very sufficient for both the devil and God - right?!

The X-chromosomal essence is indirectly linked to to 259 =7*37. That essence is most importantly into being about the 143 =13*11, which is one category more than the number linked to even 185 =5*37. To this comes, though that the 143 is about being sarcastic against vanity for precision in that the combined eleven and thirteen together target humility and thus also arrogance against precision (which is a secondary realization from the one about the humility, which in turn realizes the real essence of all arrogance, which the 143 thereby can use to imply backward steps as to its own number of categories). To this comes the two- and fourness of the female build of two mutually X-chromosomes, which, by essence of being into being exclusive (i.e. each of the two X-chromosomes turn its counter-X-chromosome of), tends strongly to reject connecting itself with one-step learning, but not two- or four-step learning. Thereby it tends, to the extent it can, to transform the five in the 185 to a seven, thus creating a 259 from the 185. Moreover, it can, because it involves a oneness which can formulate itself in a way which pertains to starting up a seven, by being into defining the two-smart attitude of oneness to be a shelter for the two-smart attitude of a seven. In the process, the 143 can by its backward steps' qualities also add significance to its own virtues which can thereby compensate for lost own virtues of capacity. In this the 143 can triumph over the 203 by simulating all its competences, (not very exactly as much, but still just about) to the extent it offers its own for that. For this it uses its own thirteen and eleven for simulating seven and upon that the in-between value doubled seventy-one which it can control for voluntary completion of the eleven to twenty-nine, simultaneously. It is not highly safe to assume that this can always be done or so, but it still can work very well at times. I really feel that can't (at least as of yet) guess anything about when it does to which extent or so, though.

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