Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Telepathy, Oneness - and Something About Quantum Mechanics

According to quantum physics the tiniest of particles (or that is so-called particles), can be at two places at once. According to those theories, a quantum computer can find three states for every particles and two places of its existence. One is if the particle is at both places at ones, and the other two when it's only at one or the other, respectively.

It is clear to me that one of the states is creating both opportunities, creating a third state, which is the state of karma that I have been into describing before. It is really karma-like in that the duality between two states of one XOR the cannot win in the sense that the third state can be more trustworthy for continued existence, and that the third state can XOR against XOR, rejecting it for an AND (both particles at ones!); i.e. it is the oneness that creates the (actually semi-) reciprocity of karma!

I mean that God, or Oneness, stands for coexistence of the two states. In this the state that stands less for coexistence is the most rejected by care for existence in the first place, which is what Oneness or God stands for, so that the least inclined of the two states to reject the other will be the one to disappear, for as long as it is worst at Oneness (coexistence) with the other. This is a bit like karma in that tolerance should be tolerated and intolerance intolerated. The same notion of tolerance and intolerance is in real karma applicable to more than that, but this cannot happen, somehow due to the structure of matter. Due to this, I guess, much of karma's effects doesn't do its job (so to speak) within matter. So if one believes in life after death, it happens there that each individual is met by complete karma, with the above-described process pertaining to relationships between different individuals, among other things, so effectively that direct justice comes to be.

This stuff also creates an evolution in that Oneness really pays, and that this also creates the opportunity of larger beings to imagine what it would be like to be at some other place. It is not to say that all the particles can sync to be at a completely different place at once, teleportation, that is. Rather there are particles that can leap, or so to speak, and/or coexist with themselves (or so to speak) at an other place. Because the leaping (or so to speak) particles are so small and many, there are very very many possibilities connected with every DNA that there is. This might help one imagine and/or calculate what things could be like had they been different, and this one may call telepathy, I think. Here is a news article about recent experiments on that issue.

It is in evolutionary cunning that one has the need to be pro-oneness so that God, or that is the extreme of potential worth-while for anybody's existence (or at least so to speak), can be the guide towards learning new evolutionary ideas for survival! It is through God, thereby, that evolution takes the toll of the actual learning of survival. There is, though, (just as they say, or fairly close to it!) a devil, relating to God in an indirectly evil way, so that evolution is not only pro-oneness-inclined.What that means I cannot say, more than that it surely must be about that it says more about real potentials of evil and good among the souls and spirits of creatures that evolve. Because perhaps that realization of such potentials is the main meaning of evolution. Right?

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